_318-23408Tools for Decision Makers (EN) These tools should be used by ‘Data Decision-Makers’ to analyze various data sets that are submitted by the VaxTrac System. These tools also help explain the variety of ways that the VaxTrac system aggregates and analyzes data. Additionally, these tools outline the VaxTrac data flow from the point of service delivery all the way up to final reports to be used in data-driven decision making.

  1. VaxTrac-DPP Interoperability Outline: This tool outlines the VaxTrac Data Flow from the point of service delivery all the way up to the final reports. It can be used to train decision-makers about the individual steps that are taken at each level of data flow (VaxTrac tablet-CommCore-MOTECH-DHIS2). This tool is also useful in understanding how VaxTrac data is aggregated at each level of the data flow process.
  2. CommCare Overview Tool: This tool explains how data is presented on CommCare HQ and what each column signifies. It also outlines how decision-makers can interpret the data as it is presented on CommCareHQ and what the difference between « data submission » and « data synchronization » are.
  3. Comparative Analysis Tool: This tool explains the process of aggregating comparative analysis data on a monthly basis and shows decision-makers how to calculate comparative analysis percentage rates. It also shows an example of a typical comparative analysis graph and how to interpret such a graph.
  4. VaxTrac Monitor PowerPoint Presentation Tool: This presentation can be used as a tool during central-level training for data managers and decision-makers to explain the different features of VaxTrac Monitor, what kinds of data can be visualized on VaxTrac Monitor, and how to interpret such data.


_318-23408Tools for Decision Makers (FR)