May 18, 2011 Fighting the Good Fight: Vaccine Progression with Synflorix

VaxTrac’s mission is to end the unnecessary deaths of children worldwide by making vaccination programs more accessible and effective. The administration and tracking of the vaccines is obviously where we come in, but we always get excited when a new vaccine is developed. Synflorix™, developed by GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), is a pediatric pneumococcal vaccine that protects against life-threatening diseases such as meningitis and bacterial pneumonia, as well as middle ear infections. It is basically ten vaccines in one and each dose takes a year to make. Each individual strain is grown and developed separately, and at the very end of the process they are brought together as one vaccine. While the vaccine alone is very exciting, the greatest part is that it is being provided at a heavy discount through the innovative financing mechanism known as the Advance Market Commitment (AMC).

AMC is designed to bring heavily discounted vaccines to children living in the world’s poorest countries; Kenya was the first African country to receive Synflorix™ through the program (January of this year), Sierra Leone, Yemen, and certain countries in Latin America are also eligible to receive the vaccine. Nicaragua began vaccinating children in late 2010 and Guyana is introducing vaccines this year. GAVI anticipates that more than 40 developing countries will receive pneumococcal vaccines through the AMC by 2015. Over the next decade, GSK has committed to provide up to 30 million doses annually under the AMC. Both GSK and Pfizer signed 10-year contracts through the AMC to provide up to 300 million doses each of their pneumococcal vaccines, at an approximate reduction of 90% of the cost in developed markets. This is great news!

Backed by five donor countries – the United Kingdom, Canada, Russia, Norway and Italy – and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the AMC is exactly what is needed to make significant reductions in vaccine preventable deaths of children worldwide. One major component not yet addressed is the administration and tracking of the vaccinations in each approved country. We already know that vaccines are wasted through poor administration and tracking methods – the use of VaxTrac’s system coupled with the AMC’s distribution of Synflorix™, could change the future of children in many countries.

We are working tirelessly to continue to improve our system, software and processes. Currently, we are raising funds for our second in-country test pilot. Stay tuned to our blog to see what country we visit next as we continue to fight the good fight!

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