Heath Gross

A former US counterintelligence agent turned competitive intelligence strategist, Heath is a thought leader in the competitive intelligence community, speaking regularly on topics ranging from counter-CI and Persistent Source Networks to innovation strategy and competitor threat analysis. He is a graduate of the University of Louisville, holds an advanced degree in Intelligence from the US Intelligence Center and is a member of Stanford’s Strategic Decisions Group (SDG).

Heath got his start in the tactical competitive intelligence world, however today his passion has evolved into strategic focused consulting. His firm has found a niche that resonates with their clients: competitive strategy consulting based on best in class primary research. Their clients tell them that they uniquely bridge the gap between Big 4 management consulting firms and traditional competitive intelligence research firms.

Heath proclaims that this is not just his day job, it is something about which he is passionate.

Heath works with companies to help them see, not what is next, but What’s After Next™. Leveraging Market Landscape Studies, Competitor Pipelines Surveys and White Space Analysis, he helps clients identify the most promising opportunities for innovation.

Heath is currently working on two books, The CIA In Your Company: Building An Intelligence Culture and What’s After Next: Leveraging Competitive Intelligence To Support Innovation Strategy.

He has nine start-ups including multiple successful exits and recognition on the Inc 500/5000 list.



Sankat Patel

Sankat Patel, based out of Nashville, TN, is Senior Vice President & South Regional Director for Commercial Treasury Management at Fifth Third Bank. His background includes more than fifteen years of experience in Treasury Management, supporting a wide variety of industries including; Commercial Real Estate, Middle Market, Food Distribution, Public Funds, Surface Transportation, Franchisees and Construction/Contractors. Currently, in his regional director role he manages the treasury management division in Fifth Third Bank’s Mid South Affiliates (TN, NC, GA, Gulf States, FL, Cincinnati & KY). This group supports over $150 Million in annual service charges.

Sankat also speaks regularly at numerous industry conferences, such as the Association of Financial Professionals Chicago Chapter Windy City event. He has also spoken at many Fifth Third Bank events including the Fifth Third Bank Treasury Management Forum and the Chicago Affiliate Business Banking Forum on the topic of Payment Fraud Prevention.

Sankat received his bachelor’s degree from the College of Business at Northern Illinois University (2000) and completed his Executive MBA with a Concentration in Finance from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business (2013). He also became CTP certified in 2002.

Sankat is active in numerous charitable organizations including the Board of Directors at Christopher House, the NIU Alumni Association, the NIU Finance Association and the University of Chicago – Entrepreneur Roundtable Association. In addition, he organizes the annual Fifth Third Bank’s “Finding Your Board” event.



Tanya Renn

Building on previous experience domestically and internationally, Tanya Renn brings an array of knowledge in program development, health behavior and medical social work to the VaxTrac Board of Directors. Her experience drives her desire to maximize program effectiveness and strategically approach sustainability of programming. Tanya’s skills in statistical analysis, measurement theory and measurement development also allow for more precise outcome measurement of the VaxTrac program.

Tanya holds a Master of Science in Social Work and a Master in Public Health and is currently working to obtain her PhD in Social Work. Tanya is a part-time professor at the Kent School of Social Work at the University of Louisville. She has worked in hospital settings, traveled to Ghana to conduct a needs assessment and is on the Board of Directors for a non-profit that runs domestic and international programs. Currently, she is working on completing her dissertation on childhood victimization, adult health outcomes, and the potential mediating variables between the two. Outside of her professional life, Tanya enjoys time outdoors with her husband, three sons and dog.



Darryl Rose

Darryl Rose is the Senior Director of Strategy at Aviation Technical Services (ATS), an independent aircraft maintenance provider serving major North American commercial carriers. Prior to ATS, Darryl spent over 12 years in the aviation and aerospace sector as an independent management consultant and as an Associate Partner in the Transportation practice of Oliver Wyman, a global management consulting firm.

During his consulting career, Darryl worked with airlines and service providers to improve profitability and operations. Oliver Wyman published Darryl’s research in the 2013 and 2014 editions of the firm’s annual MRO Survey, which have been quoted extensively by the trade and business media. After graduating from the Ivey School of Business at the University of Western Ontario in 2000, he earned a Chartered Accountant designation with Ernst & Young LLP in Toronto in 2003. Darryl is a fund holder with the Communities Foundation of Texas and a former board member of 29 Pieces, a Dallas-based non-profit organization focused on abatement of youth violence. Darryl resides in Tucson, Arizona with his charming wife, Melisa, and two darling cats.



Rachel Seeger

Rachel Seeger has more than eight years of experience in marketing and brand management. Rachel managed marketing plans for brands such as Pepsi, Aquafina, and Lipton, and has driven field marketing efforts across the West Coast, Mountain, Midwest, and Southeast regions of the United States. As a recognized contributor within her organization, she has received of the PepsiCo Chairman’s Award.

Rachel also volunteers her time as a leader with the Junior League of Atlanta. Rachel received a Bachelor of Arts in Communications from The Annenberg School of the University of Pennsylvania.