We envision a world in which every child has equal access to life-saving vaccines



Envisioning a world where every child regardless of background, has equal access to lifesaving vaccines.


To provide developing countries with the technologies and support they need to maximize the effectiveness of their vaccination programs.


The development of vaccines is arguably the single most important public health innovation in our history. We’ve turned deadly, endemic diseases that once ravaged entire civilizations into nothing more than scary stories. Because of vaccinations, there have been no cases of smallpox since 1977 and Polio is also on the brink of eradication.

Yet children are still dying every day from vaccine-preventable diseases. The astounding improvements of the last 30 years have plateaued due to unaddressed obstacles in the vaccine delivery system. Despite all the money and focus poured into vaccinations, an estimated 21.8 million infants worldwide are missing crucial vaccines.

The intuitive answer to the problem is to buy more vaccines; however, the World Health Organization cites poor management of health systems and inadequate tracking and reporting as key challenges to increasing the coverage of vaccinations among children.

In developing countries, most immunization records are kept on paper vaccine cards, which are given to caregivers of patients. These vaccine cards are easily lost and health workers have a difficult time communicating the value of the vaccine cards to caregivers.  Consequently, health workers have incomplete and inaccurate records, and often have trouble keeping track of which vaccinations each child has received and which ones they lack.

This often results in some children missing crucial vaccinations altogether, while others receive double doses of vaccinations that they have already received.  In a low-resource settings, keeping accurate records of childhood immunizations is a vital step in ensuring that all children receive the vaccinations that they need to grow, live and thrive.

At VaxTrac, we see ourselves at the crossroads of the proven interventions of traditional global health and the innovation of a technology start up. We strive to build the tools necessary to improve the lives of health workers around the world who work tirelessly to deliver care to people who need it most. We have identified vaccines, one of the most proven and cost effective health interventions out there, as an opportunity to make sustainable change with technology in developing countries and to significantly strengthen the health systems of places where we work.

VaxTrac designs, builds, implements, and evaluates our biometric based vaccine registry system in several countries. The VaxTrac system is a core suite of tools that is customized and localized to meet the needs of a specific country’s immunization program. Our hope is to work with our partners to build a comprehensive clinic based management tool that may begin with the vaccination section, but has the possibility to grow and expand into a multi-use digital health information collection device.
VaxTrac, enrolling children in a healthier future.