2014-07-07-16.35.23For the last seven years, VaxTrac has existed as a standalone non-profit organization that works specifically on developing and deploying technology to improve vaccine delivery in developing health systems. We felt that model, with its narrow focus, was the most effective for us to achieve our mission, and we were successful. We secured steady funding, initiated several projects, and have built technology programs around the world that will empower other implementers in the future.

The landscape has changed such that we think a new operating model will be more effective going forward. As technology has matured and as governments and partners have grown savvier, it has become harder to generate support—political and financial—for such a specific product offering. National digital health architectures benefit from more comprehensive platforms and integrated solutions, not individual products.

Expanding VaxTrac to fill that need is inefficient and could threaten to take focus away from our core mission of improving vaccine delivery. As such, we are exploring several options that will effectively end VaxTrac the organization, but will preserve our work and our extensive experience in this space. We have invested significant time and resources into developing and validating this technology and the tools to support its use. We want to ensure the product of those efforts is not lost.

DSC01161We are actively pursuing partnership agreements in order to strengthen the work of others in this space and to ensure that the technology we have worked hard to develop and the programs we have cultivated will continue to strengthen health systems in under-served communities. While details of these partnerships are forthcoming, we encourage you to continue engaging with us through our website and we look forward to leveraging our experience with you to build a world where every child, regardless of background, has equal access to lifesaving vaccines. Thank you for your continued support!