Press: VaxTrac Launches Vial to Child Project in Nepal

Women wait to have their children vaccinated at a health post in Amraut, Nawalparasi.

VaxTrac proudly announces its new project, Vial to Child, launching in Nepal, September 2014. The pilot project is in partnership with the World Health Organization (WHO) and the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), with the dedicated collaboration of the Ministry of Health and Population (MoHP) Nepal and key health stakeholders on the ground.

VaxTrac works to provide developing countries with the technologies and support they need to maximize the effectiveness of their vaccination programs.  Vial to Child is currently VaxTrac’s second international project, and first in the Southeast Asia region.

VaxTrac’s first and ongoing project in Benin, West Africa, will serve as a model for the Nepal project.  It employs a vaccine management system comprised of two parts: a fingerprint scanner plus an android based tablet or smartphone loaded with VaxTrac software customized for local needs.  The VaxTrac system enables health centers to digitize their vaccination management process with the goal of: improved record keeping practices, maximized efficiency of frontline health workers and streamlined delivery of health services, particularly for children under the age of five.

Vaccination session at the sub health post of Germi in Nawalparasi.

Most Nepalese live in rural, often remote locations, where access to quality healthcare services can be limited.  One of the main causes of death among infants and young children involve diseases, like pneumonia and measles, which are often vaccine-preventable, but in areas where record keeping is often precarious, it can be a challenge to provide all children with these life-saving vaccines in a timely and efficient manner. A tablet based system like VaxTrac can help take clinic level vaccine management out to these isolated areas where children are most in need.

With the Vial to Child project, VaxTrac will be primarily responsible for customizing and implementing the tablet based vaccine management system in the selected districts, supporting project management, ongoing supervision, and in country training and clinic support.  The VaxTrac system will be tailored to mirror the paper based national vaccine record system, will appear in the Nepali language, and use the Nepali calendar.

The project will be implemented in January 2015 in two rural/semi-rural districts.  WHO will support the project in the district of Nawalparasi in the Western region (Terai), while UNICEF will lend support to Dadeldhura in the Far West (Hills).  The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) will provide additional support to Vial to Child by helping guide the evaluation process across both districts and work closely with the Ministry of Health and Population and all other key stakeholders.

We look forward to collaborating with all of our partners on this momentous project to improve child health in Nepal.